Super Bowl Events

We are now accepting orders for Super Bowl weekend. All custom orders for Super Bowl events will be accepted until January 24th. Place your order today to ensure you’re voted MVP of your Super Bowl event!

Miniature helmets with your teams logo, replicas of stadiums with full field displays, large scale team logos, and much more can be made to celebrate your event! Let us worry about the desserts, so you can focus on the game.

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Merry Cliffmas

cake balls in a phillies logo, penguin cake ball pops on an iceberg

This display was created for a Christmas party in Philadelphia. The client was celebrating "Cliff-mas". Also, individual cake pops shaped like penguins are featured on an iceberg in the upper right corner of the image.

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Under Construction

Welcome to the caraMals Sweet Treats site! We are currently working to update our site with all of the latest information. Please check back soon for updates and photos.


the caraMals team

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